A Project of Senior Services Coalition

The purpose of Aging in Alameda County is to locate and tell impactful human stories about the experience of aging and the role of the community in helping older adults thrive.

By sharing these stories, we hope to advance a common understanding of the role we all play in creating age-friendly communities, and to build awareness and support for community-based services.

Who We Are

The Senior Services Coalition of Alameda County represents 40 nonprofit and public organizations who are committed to advocating for policy change that improves the lives of seniors in Alameda County. Click here to go to our web site and learn more.

What We Think

Aging in place, living with dignity, being part of a community, feeling safe, maintaining health and mobility, being able to aspire and achieve, and being able to exercise choice – these are expectations that all of us have as we age. Community-based supportive services are a necessary part of the equation in helping us meet the challenges of aging and live successfully in our communities. This is true now, and it will certainly be true in the future when every fifth person you meet will be over 65.